Garden Installation Services

Home Garden Installation

Would you like a garden at home but seek more support? Do you feel like you have a ‘black thumb’? We can help! We can get you that green thumb you always wanted! We will come to your house and after an initial consultation (lasts approximately an hour), develop a garden plan based on your needs. We can work alongside you (and your kids) so that you can learn how to do it on your own or we can provide ongoing garden installation and maintenance — whatever works for you.

A Garden to Suit Your Needs

We have over twenty years of experience with garden design, maintenance and troubleshooting. We are skilled at gardening with children and are happy to work with you and your family in this fun and exciting process. Sara, the founder and director of Sweet Roots Gardens, has extensive experience working with children and families together in gardens. She has taught gardening to adults and children from pre school to high school. She is adept at working with children at their level and engaging them in — in an educational and playful way — the wonder and beauty of gardening. She will bring her unique skill set to your family and help you work together to create a family garden that honors the roles and unique skills of each family member; regardless of their age or size!

Generally, clients choose from two types of gardens- a raised box garden constructed of lumber with purchased compost and soil or tilling of an existing space and amending the soil accordingly. However, we will advise you based on your site. Our focus is listening to our clients and their needs and working with them to design the right size and function based on their particular situation. An estimate will be developed and agreed upon after the initial consult. A range of possibilities exists from collaborative installation where we work together to simply paying us to do it for you. We are especially skilled at teaching people to garden so they do not need us on an ongoing basis.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas and questions and to realize how simple and fun gardening can be!

Cost: One hour consult $50. Contact for estimate on your particular project. Projects greater than 20 miles from South Deerfield are charged an additional mileage fee. 

Additional services available including ongoing garden maintenance (minimum commitment required) and rototilling; please inquire for an estimate.

Questions or to get started with your garden, please contact us.