Sweet Roots Kids CSA

The 2017 dates are here! There will be 2 sessions.  Both are on Thursdays from 11am-12pm. Please note, Session 1 is now shorter and will meet 7/6, 7/13 & 7/20. Session 2 meets 8/3, 8/10, 8/17 & 8/24  Scroll down to register online. 

Cost $95 for full 4- week session, $70 for 3-week session or $30/individual session; includes a weekly ‘snack share’ of vegetables. Sibling age 2 and over, $80 for full 4-week session. We are more than happy to explore barters and scholarships, please contact Sara to discuss.

The CSA just for kids and their grown ups! Join us for an educational CSA designed for young children ages 2-6 (backpack babies welcome). This program takes place at Sweet Roots Gardens in S. Deerfield and meets for one hour; you are free to linger in the gardens after the program. Cost:$30 for an individual session or $95 for full 4 week session- pre- registration required. Cost includes a weekly ‘snack share’ of vegetables- veggies that kids generally enjoy snacking on (for example- carrots, kale (they will!), cucumbers, beans, radishes, tomatoes and more), including snack recipes and take home garden activities.What past participants are saying about the Kids CSA: 

“We had a great time! The balance between structured and unstructured time was great. I saw my daughter actually eat string beans (that she had picked herself), which I have never seen before!” 

“We have SO enjoyed this opportunity and I would highly recommend it to anyone who asks.  It was a great experience and my child had a really good time.  She loves those chickens!!  (and the shopping cart, and the [outdoor] kitchen).”  

Program Specifics: Watch (and participate) as your child delights in nature by making mudpies in our digging garden, picking a carrot fresh from the earth or visiting with our chickens. Activities include planting and harvesting, exploring the alphabet through our educational garden signs, having a tea party in our herb garden, yoga in the garden, making picking buckets, creating garden art, playing in our outdoor kitchen, exploring the hungry caterpillar in the garden and more. Scroll down for more info or to register. Questions? contact us.

To register via check, make payable/mail to: Sara Coblyn 8 Pine Street, South Deerfield, MA 01373 with yours and your child’s name, your email, your child’s age and the session. Or register online:

Kids CSA Session 1 $70

Kids CSA Session 1 Sibling $55

Kids CSA Session 2 $95

Kids CSA Session 2 Sibling $80

Kids CSA Individual Class $30

Sweet Roots Kids CSA Program objectives:

The garden consists of Stella’s children’s garden that is divided into several different child- centered sections. This includes a digging garden where children can use various tools and containers to dig, make ‘mudpies’ and generally enjoy the dirt. A sensory garden has plants that kids can touch and smell and explore with their senses. Two raised boxes hold various veggies. A bean tepee and tunnel provide exploratory opportunities. Signs in English and Spanish are scattered throughout the garden with the first letters highlighted to encourage letter identification. In addition, interactive signs help children explore butterflies, plants and insects. There is an herb garden with a sitting area in the middle, chickens for the kids to feed and collect eggs and an outdoor kitchen where children can explore water and dirt together.In addition, we have a sand box and outdoor chalkboard for when a child just needs a break!

There is a consistent schedule for the morning that includes a little gardening, snacking, art activities and open garden play. Our goal is to foster a love of gardening and the outdoors. We believe this is best done by gentle encouragement, not forcing. We will provide activities but do not expect each child to participate in 100% of them. Sometimes, following your child’s lead (within reason) is the best way to foster learning.

Typical Schedule:

Welcome. Arrive, gather in circle under the tent, Garden/name song, yoga, review morning activities and snack share

Garden activity that may include the following:

Snack walk. Led by Sara, kids and parents will browse and munch through garden and pick some things to take home.

Closing circle and time to pick up any other veggies for the share that week that were pre-picked.

Veggies that will be part of the share include: radishes, carrots, beets, salad greens, garlic, beans, cukes, tomatoes, kale, strawberries, herbs and possibly a few surprises. This is not the size of a typical CSA share but rather a ‘snack’ share- enough veggies for the kids and their parents to have a few snacks throughout the week.